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PAPS LABELS (required for entry into USA)

ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 2 DAYS OR LESS paps-sample-generic

If you have a load going to the USA, you’re going to need some PAPS labels!
Master Systems is a trusted supplier for PAPS labels.

Just like PARS we have been supplying exporters with PAPS since the beginning (12 years). Master Systems is an approved supplier by CBSA  (Canada Border Services Agency)

Our standard delivery will get to you within 3 working days  BUT if you need them NOWcall us… we will do whatever it takes to keep your shipments moving.

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You need these to get your load into the USA! PAPS stands for Pre-Arrival Processing System. They are the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CRB) release process to expedite commercial shipments entering the USA. The PAPS label is attached to your invoice and manifest which you then forward ahead of time to your customs broker who will then prepare an entry for you in the Automated Commercial Shipment (ACS). When you arrive at the border an officer will process the barcode which will be retrieved from the ACS system. If no further examination is required, the officer will release your shipment.
Having your PAPS labels correct is imperative. There can be no duplicate numbers, your alpha code must be correct and the name of your company must be exactly the same as on the letter that you received with your alpha code.

With accurate shipping documents, your wait time at the border will be greatly reduced. It can be an expensive mistake to have one small label hold up you shipment. Use Master Systems as your PAPS supplier, we work hard to keep your shipments moving.